ETF2100IF10Whole House Filters  ETF 2100 Series (Multi-purpose)


The multi-purpose filter removes sediment, taste and odor, and neutralizes acid in water.  Depending on the configuration the filter can be set up to remove Arsenic, Hydrogen Sulfide, Nitrates, Silt/Sediment, Sulfate, Tannin and Uranium.

This filter connects to the main water line to filter the entire house - all faucets, showers, and baths will have clean, filtered water.

To effectively treat water that has problems our professionals need some information from you.  You will need to have a thorough and recent analysis of the water supply.  To size the tank properly they also need to know an estimate of the volume to be used and the amount of purity required after water has been processed.  They will also need to know the source of the water to be treated.

Interested????  Please use our contact form on the left hand side of the page to obtain more information.

Our professionals will select the mineral and configuration for the filter that best treats your needs.

*A 12" diameter tank for larger family sizes and water usage is also available.

All Purpose Filter Solid State Control

Provides precise control of all functions. Has a capacitor to maintain setting up to six hours. Has vacation setting and extra regeneration for high water use.

ETF2100IF10 ETF2100b
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