ETF 2100 Series  Iron Filters

Treats Ferric (Red) Iron  This iron is often visible to the naked eye. If water is left standing  in a glass for any period of time it will settle out.  This type of iron should be removed before it reaches a softener or other household appliances.  Ferrous (clear) iron is readily removed by water softeners.


Media: Varies depending on water analysis. This series includes a chemical free iron filter  or a choice of Manganese Treated Green Sand*, MTM Media, KDF 85 Media, Filox-R Media, Pyrolox Media or Micro Z Media



  • Electronic timer controls the frequency of regenerations.  Full menu driven options.
  • 24 Volt Electrical System: to guard against high voltage dangers
  • Automatic bypass during regeneration means continuous water usage
  • Patented Teflon® technology increases reliability
  • Vacation Setting: Filter does not regenerate while you are vacation, but still maintains all other functions.
  • Recharge now: Allows for immediate regeneration during high water use.
* Many manganese greensand mines are closing so your advisor may suggest using MTM instead if the greensand is not available.
Iron Filter  infoETF 2100 Specs.
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