Point of Entry Systems (Whole House)

Point of entry systems cost from $1,000.00 to $3,000.00 and are designed to treat all the water flowing into a home.

The most common system includes an ultraviolet light and whole house filter unit. This combination will remove dirt, rust, and sand and provide a disinfection chamber to kill bacteria, virus, mould and algae in water. These units are essential to kill harmful bacteria commonly found in private water systems utilizing wells or lakes.

Removal of iron, manganese, sulphur, or hardness requires the use of central softeners or iron filters.

The biggest concern for urban homeowners is chlorine in water and low pH levels that makes the water acidic. The installation of a whole house filter system is an attractive option for many homeowners and will remove the threat of chlorine absorption or inhalation.

Addition of a pH neutralizing filter will raise the pH level of water from the acidic range to a safe neutral level. Rapid corrosion of plumbing systems, has resulted in many pipe failures and unexpected costly repairs. Low pH levels in a human body are a medical concern and can encourage the growth of yeast and bacterial infections.

Water softeners remove unwanted calcium, magnesium and lead. These minerals in water are in rock form and cannot be utilized by the human body. Commonly referred to as lime, they form scale in plumbing and soap curd on objects cleaned with hard water. Mineral particles even become deposited between cloth fibers, leaving laundry dingy while deteriorating the fabric.

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Iron Filters

Water Softeners