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HealthSmart Nutrition's Organic Sprouting Seeds

Organic Sprouting Seeds Sprouting Seeds: The Wave of The Future

Why Eat Sprouts

The Benefits:

  • Very cheap to produce
  • Quickly and easily produced - Some kinds of sprouts are ready for eating in just one day.
  • No preparation or cooking needed - Most sprouts can be eaten raw. And there's no need to cut them up or peel them either.
  • Very nutritious - Sprouts are simply bursting with vitamins and minerals. Sprouts are an excellent source of plant enzymes, making them very easy to digest.
  • They're fresh and alive - Forget the wilted, shop-bought lettuce next time you want to make a salad! Sprouts can be grown quickly and easily in a jar on your kitchen windowsill. All you have to do is to remove a handful from the jar when you want to eat them. They're organically grown too.
  • Good source of fiber and protein
  • They have cleansing properties - Helping to neutralize and remove waste from the body. The fiber in them also helps to keep you regular.
  • Anti-Cancer Properties - Many sprouted seeds and grains seem to have anti-cancer properties too. Red clover, for example, contains genistein - an anti-cancer compound which is also present in soya beans, black beans and peanuts.

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