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Health Problems in Women:

Women develop yeast-related problems more often then men -especially pre-menopausal women.
Several factors are--hormonal changes associated with menstrual cycle, birth control pills, and pregnancy seen to promote yeast growth.
  • The anatomical characteristics of women make them more susceptible to vaginitis and urinary tract infections.
  • Women visit physicians more often then men, and are therefore more apt to receive more antibiotics for health concerns.

Health Problems in Men:

The following list of symptoms in men may indicate a problem with yeast.
*Note: Before assuming the problem is yeast related any health problem should be checked out by a qualified healthcare professional. If nothing seems to be the cause then consider yeast.
  • Crave and consume lots of sweets, breads, and alcohol.
  • Bothered by persistent jock itch, athlete's foot or fungus infection of the nails.
  • Troubled by food and inhalant allergies.
  • Complaining of fatigue, depression and nervousness.
  • Recurrent digestive problems.
  • Bothered by dampness, chemicals or tobacco.
  • Impaired sex drive.
  • Partner has a yeast problem.

Health Problems in Children:

Recurrent ear disorders, behavioral and learning problems, and juvenile delinquency are increasing in frequency and it often seems that the current methods of treatment are ineffective.
Children receiving repeated courses of antibiotics especially for ear infections set up a vicious cycle of recurrent infections.
Often these problems have been found to be yeast related.

Take the candida challenge test to determine whether or not yeast might be a problem for you. Then if you have any concerns contact us for possible solutions.  Click here to download the PDF